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The Most Popular Music Genres Around the World

Music is popular, there is no doubt about it. It’s more popular than any sport, any video game or a PA iLottery Bonus Code that we like to use in our free time, and it’s understandable. It’s like that because it’s omnipresent. People listen to music every single day, especially with sites like Spotify and YouTube, which allow for endless streaming of music, for free. People have rediscovered some bands which they immensely enjoyed during their youth and today’s young also discover new music. Some genres are more popular than others, however.

Here are the world’s most popular music genres.


Pop is a genre that is often hard to define. In the 70s, there were a lot of popular bands that produced progressive rock music, hard rock music, disco, and more. Pop could be classified by what is popular at the time. Today, that would be hip hop and specifically, its variations, trap and rap. In the 60s, the Beatles were very popular, albeit, they still are, even though not as much as trap. Pop often gets the most views and listens on online streaming services, so by today’s standards, it is the most popular genre.

Rap and Hip Hop

Back in the 80s, Hip Hop evolved from the Blues and with some influences from other styles, such as Gospel. Today, it incorporates a bit of everything, depending on the artist. It is very popular and has been since the 90s. One of the reasons for the popularity of such a genre is that the artistry required is mostly tied to spoken words and their mix with the music, which is largely electronic. The simplicity enables both artists and listeners to get involved with ease. 


I wanna rock – said Twisted Sister once and indeed, most of us do. Rock is very popular and has been since the 70s. It has so many sub genres that you could write entire tomes of books about it and in fact, many people already did. Whether you are listening to 70s rock or 80s rock, or even 90s and contemporary rock, you will unlikely run out of great music to bang your head to. Oh, there are great rock ballads, as well, so be prepared to have your heart melted on the other hand.

Classical Music

Not to be confused with the Classical period (meaning Mozart, Beethoven), classical music is very popular, even though not many people listen to orchestras. You will find classical music intertwined in almost all parts of cultures, from cartoons, video games, movies, to memes, the final form of evolution. Classical music is important and will keep influencing people, for ages to come.


A subgenre of rock, metal is often considered a separate genre (especially by avid fans). It is fast, loud and with lots of notes per minute. If it doesn’t get you moving, then you might want to check your pulse.

These are the world’s most popular music genres.