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Casino music for a game night

Sometimes, all you want to do is relax with your friends, drink some whiskey or beer, and play a few rounds of poker, lottery, or whatever you had in mind. Just playing the New Hampshire lottery online alone is sometimes not enough – there are times when you need to up the stakes, and we don’t mean literally. What we are trying to say is, there are other things that help the mood. Getting a roulette wheel, for example, or setting up some special vibes that make you and your friends believe for a few minutes that you are in a gambling establishment. Where to find and what is ‘casino music’? 


The point of casino music is to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The reason for this is simple, relaxing music will make the situation approachable and elegant. You may feel suave, or debonair, like a certain British spy. Therefore, in order to pick the right music, we recommend sticking to the following types, though the creative control is 100% yours.


First and foremost, jazz is the background of anything fun. It is lively, and yet has a calming effect. You will find it in casinos, cafes, and clubs with dimmed lights. Why? Because it makes the experience complete. As for what type of jazz you should put on the playlist, be it Ragtime, Cool, Smooth or Dixieland – we leave that up to you.


This one is a little tricky – you wouldn’t normally think to put something like blues, known for sadness and loss, into a game night setting. You want your friends to be upbeat and positive, so why on earth would you put blues on your casino playlist? To escape monotony. In order for music to convey the mood, and not simply fade into the background, it is necessary to introduce the uppers and downers. Enter blues. Connoisseurs of good music will appreciate it. Just try not to sink in too deep.


Granted, this isn’t so much a genre, as it is a typical blend of music found at a location, but if we had to pin a type of music on it, it would be easy listening. There is usually a jingle that transports the listener to a tropical island, a desert, deep ocean or outer space. It’s electronic, with little to no vocals, as almost all casino music should be.

Be Wild but Personal

Todd Greenberg, the president and CEO of Palms hotel in Las Vegas personally picks out the music for the casino playlist. He was quoted as saying that music should be “fun, interesting and accessible to everyone.” There are many interesting picks, like Nancy Sinatra and Johnny Cash.

Likewise, the advice given here is just that, advice. If your poker buddies enjoy some hard rock, hard rock it is. If there is something that will make you shout: “This is my song!” or something to that effect, go nuts. We have disclosed what genre of music is typically found in gambling establishments. It is up to you and your partners to choose the beats that put you in the zone, or help you tune out the rest of the world.